Six Sentence Stories. Poem: Remaining Ashore

Six Sentence Stories is a weekly writers’ challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge blog. This week’s cue word is: LOST

Lost scroll unrolled, translated on the beach.

Last words bottled, corked, tossed to the sea.

Last rites were administered by the moon’s mournful sheen.

Lost faith was restored on the deck of a brigantine.

Last orders, drink up, drain yer dregs, time please!

Lost nerves, the fleet-footed, backs turned to the unforgiving sea.         

Remaining Ashore by Ford. November 24. 2021.

Image: Heller catalogue. 1979. Le Capricorne. By J. Blanche.

Ford, Atomic Mage.


  1. “We’re Homeward bound to Liverpool Town,
    Goodbye, fare-ye-well! Goodbye, fare-ye-well!
    Where all them judies, they will come down
    Hoor-raw me boys! We’re homeward bound!

    We meet these fly gals an’ we’ll ring the ol’ bell,
    Goodbye, fare-ye-well! Goodbye, fare-ye-well!
    With them judies, we’ll raise merry hell
    Hoor-raw me boys! We’re homeward bound!”

    Cheers Captain!!! Aaarrrh!!

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  2. Aye, many a late night reveller would loose their inhibitions after a libation or three (or more likely more than three) ending up on the beaches, and where I hail from there are a lot of Public Houses near to the beach! Great writing as ever.

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      • Hi there, well as you know I’m situated on the north-east coast and I once did a gig at the Butterfly public house in Withernsea . That was memorable for another reason – there was near gale force winds, we were performing in the beer garden and the “stage” the pub staff built for us was a stack of beer crates layered with walboards! No kidding – we also had a problem that they built it at the far end of the garden with no access to a power supply so we had to call in at the other pubs on the street asking if they had power cable/extension reels we could borrow for the night! Then the show started….and sooo did the winds…it was really memorable 😂😎

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