Six Sentence Stories – When Santa Came Down The Chimney…

Six Sentence Stories is a weekly writers’ challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge blog.

This week’s prompt word is: FAIR

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Greetings Atomic Mates! Here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2022 to come! May all your dreams and wishes come true, and may creativity be at your side!

I know I already posted a 6SS, but here’s a crafty second one to add to this week’s hop. Gotta get the creations in fast as I’m working all over the Christmas and New Year! Hope you enjoy this charming little Christmas Eve tale I wrote today πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ… Merry Christmas!

When Santa Came Down The Chimney…

It was Christmas Eve, and the successful London banker Edward Shillingsworth and his wife were fast asleep in bed, exhausted by their pleasant evening of wrapping gifts to put beneath the tree for their children Sarah and William to open the next morning, when the house would awaken to delighted squeals and cheers at what Santa had so generously left for Christmas.

In the next bedroom, Sarah and William could barely contain their excitement; oh, how their ears harkened to every sound from downstairs, the possibilities, the magic, that Santa – right now – could be placing their presents under the tree.

Unable to contain their curiosity any longer, the two tiptoed downstairs and into the drawing room, where the first thing they saw was that the mince pie and glass of sherry left out on the table for Santa were gone – a good sign, yippee!

However, the second thing they saw was a quick shadow scuttling across the floorboards, and they whimpered in terror at the sight of a wooden puppet fleeing towards the chimney with a sack of presents in its filthy hands, and this ugly little creature was dressed as Santa Claus and was covered in soot, and from its clacking mouth did a volley of curses issue forth followed by the hypnotic command: Go back to your beds, you little rascals, and you will remember nothing of me or this night for as long as you live!

Outside, on the Shillingsworth roof, Monsieur Magnifique hauled Petit Pierre back up the chimney, and the two made a scarper for it across the rooftops of London, the Monsieur adding to his most enormous sack the Shillingsworth fair game spoils, as they headed to the next row of chimneys belonging to wealthy insurance brokers and members of Parliament.Β 

The next morning when Mr Shillingsworth came down to the drawing room, he was horrified to see that the family Christmas presents had been stolen (along with several candlesticks and the best silver), and he was forced to summon the police in his pyjamas, while it was left for Mrs Shillingsworth to comfort her sobbing children and explain that Santa must have been too busy this year to leave them any presents, and that she would make it up to them by taking them to the ice fair later that day and treating them to anything they wished for.  

When Santa Came Down The Chimney… micro-story by Ford 24 December 2021

When Santa Came Down The Chimney… artwork by RuDALL-E and the Atomic Mage.



    • Yes, thanks Wibi, good point – they won’t remember the horrors, and will just have a weird memory of no presents that year but a cool trip to the ice fair πŸ™‚
      Hope the festive holiday was good for you and yours 😎


  1. You did it, lol You had me thinking all sugar plums and fairies, V. Then dropped me down the chimney into a pile of burnt kindling πŸ˜†

    A sure cautionary tale for wayward children with the most horrific of characters…Petit Pierre and Monsieur Magnifique! I’m teasing of course but, hm…naah… nevermind…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, V! πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ„
    Cheers to 2022!!

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    • Lol, so funny, D πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Hope the landing into the pile of burnt kindling wasn’t too scorchy?
      The trick is now to keep any future Sixes involving our “possessed puppet” (thanks FT!) free from the supicion that the antagonists are going to be Petit Pierre and Monsieur Magnifique!!! πŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ˜•πŸ˜ˆ
      Hope the festive season was good for you and yours 😎


  2. Ooh that darned possessed puppet again!…..thought we’d seen the last of him in his shipping trunk on that cruise ship! I suppose the silver lining to this story is that Petit Pierre and Monsieur Magnifique won’t get any loot from Number 10….they don’t have parties and presents at that house….(allegedly).
    Final thought…there are 12 Days of Christmas so do these two stories add up to the 12 Sentences of Christmas Stories?
    Hope you have a good Christmas (when you get a break) and a Happy New Year!

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    • Thanks FT. Glad you enjoyed the return of that “possessed puppet” (I like that expression, thanks!).
      Man, did you hear the latest on the parties scandals, lol: 100 invites and BYOB and enjoy the lovely weather! That’s well taking the piss. They (whoever it is) keep trickling out the information to the press, but how much will it take for the public to stop voting for that bunch of liar criminals?

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      • Hi there, I am just watching the news now and listening to the Conservative councillors tying themselves in knots talking about “what may….or may not have happened, that’s why we need an inquiry” Inquiry? Prosecutions more like! I spent the last 2 years living like a hermit only going out to get food or attend medical/banking appointments that couldn’t be done online AND THEY HAVE PARTIES, GET TOGETHERS and god knows what other activities? I’ll stop here as I don’t sound very measured or Jedi-like. But to say I’m fuming is understatement.

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        • You have every right to fume my friend. What they did was unnaceptable and there should be sackings and prosecutions over this, though I doubt the inquiry into it will cover everything and as usual they will get away with it. It does make you mad.

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          • Yeah, and I won’t even mention the group of people I saw on the train network swigging back alcohol, no masks and treating the carriage as their own private rolling public house. I had to make one emergency trip to assist my elderly in-law(I think I mentioned it in an email to you) and they were on the train having a “party” and. planning their weekend outings!? I have had enough of all this B.S. but I’m sticking with restrictions for my own safety and that of others.

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  3. Ah man, don’t tempt me to think what they found under the brokers and MPs trees!πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

    Work with measure, have fun without any!!
    Cheers mate! Merry Christmas and a magical New Year.
    Ding dong, round 2022!

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  4. lol*

    A morsel of rhetorical melody as the instruments are packed away for the night (or, more accurately, before the judgmental light of day might label the efforts as examples of talents better applied to more conventional, and therefore, worthwhile, pursuits.

    *non lexical compliment, the tone conveying surprise at the words and admiration for the execution

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  5. I hope you survived your holiday working well. Rumors go, this is when people turn roylay bonkers. But Mr. Ford, you did not finish your story with a preposition there, did you?
    Bonne annΓ©e!

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