I’m so Goth this week that…

Six Sentence Stories is a weekly writers’ challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge blog. This week’s cue word is: JUICE

Ford, after receiving 3rd-dose anti Covid-19 vaccine Nosferatu the Vampire. 1922. FW Murnau.

Dear readers of Gothic persuasion and those who are not… please join me in a short celebration of Goth.

So, what is Goth?

Is it music, vampires, architecture, art, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Daphne du Maurier? Is it black clothes, black eyeliner and black painted fingernails? Is it the movie The Crow? Is it Emily the Strange? Is it all of these? Can one feel a bit Goth even if one does not claim to have any Goth sensibilities? Can one feel Goth if one has recently had a third-dose booster vaccination against Covid-19 and is since suffering from exhaustion, brain-fog, stomach cramps and is unable to write a coherent Six Sentence Story?

The following is my entry for this week’s Six Sentence Story, which I have lovingly and romantically entered into the WordPress system having translated it from its original blood-soaked, bat-in-the-belfry ancient scrawl as noted in my little Black Bloody Diary of Gothness.

I’m So Goth This Week That…

  • I’m so Goth this week that when I had my third vaccine booster Covid jab (to include a previous Covid infection recovery) I immediately turned into a bat.
  • I’m so Goth this week that I purchased four black cats from Amazon called: Lucretia, Lilliania, Morpheus and Alice.
  • I’m so Goth this week that my youngest son changed his name legally to Edgar Allan Poe.
  • I’m so Goth this week that my medical uniform whites turned black and my patients at work started listening to Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees.
  • I’m so Goth this week that my tiny apartment in the south of France turned into a sixteenth century decaying castle set on top of a forested mountain near a lake visited nightly by phantoms.
  • I’m so Goth this week that my freshly-pressed healthy morning orange juice drink keeps turning itself into a Bloody Mary made by Batman.

In other news…

Soon it will be spring?

Ah, shall we delight thee with art and prose from the spellbooks of an ancient time, blown free of their dust, their pages opened to the season of renewal in our current clime?

I’m So Goth This Week That… by Ford, 15 January, 2022.

I’m So Goth This Week That… artwork (Gothic Crow) digital render by Ford, RuDALLe and LunaPic

Ford, The Atomic Mage.


    • Love it, what a fun time and cool no one recognized you straightaway!
      I could easily get away with all the clothes and black nail polish back then as I was playing in a band at the time. Those pre-gig dressing up and doing the hair was quite the ritual 😎


  1. Or is Goth a good “soccer mom” repellant? My elder daughter, Bigger Girl, is high functioning Asperger (college grad high functioning) and small children scare her. They make sudden noises that hurt her hypersensitive hearing, among other things. She used to wear Goth to make the soccer moms shoo their kids away from her. Then, in her black outfit, spiked dog collar and black lipstick with black hair and all, she’d open doors for people and tell them to have a blessed and beautiful day. The stares she got! She didn’t care, the children were kept away from her.

    A very cool six!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. lookin for a place called Lee Ho Fooks“*

    fun Six**

    * Spira, yo…
    ** in that aluminum foil shirt sort of way, identifying with that fever-dream mindset, “Can one feel a bit Goth even if one does not claim to have any Goth sensibilities?

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Poor V! If Nosferatu be your post shot stand in, here’s hoping by now he’s booked another vessel 😉
    I’m totally with Clark on this one although I’ll admit to black being my favorite “color” clothing long before “Goth” was a thing, lol
    Fun Six this week and in answer to your question – yes, soon 😎

    Bring it on boys. Bring it on.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Now that was fun, both your words and the pictures.Ford!
    I too wish I’d tried something like that in my long-distant youth!
    In Glasgow, before being driven away by the plague, the young Goths used used to meet behind the Gallery of Modern Art in glasgow – with skateboards! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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