Tales from the Six Sentence Café & Bistro: When the Crone Came Knocking

Six Sentence Stories is a weekly writers’ challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge blog. This week’s cue word is TREE

When the Crone Came Knocking

When the Crone came knocking that day, there were only three proprietors on duty: Denise the Bartender, Ford the Supplier, and Nick the Gatekeeper who let the Crone in without question – Nick perhaps sensing her powers of light as much as the crone could sense his.

Her name was Annfred, and she had time-travelled almost two and a half thousand years into the future to arrive at the Six Sentence Café & Bistro in search of a potion: “I’m looking for a special brew to restore a special bat,” she said to Denise, “it’s a nectar-rich liquid with a musty and fruity aroma, made from the highly fragrant blooms of the Golam Tree.”

Denise, creative enough to serve a drink request for just about any stranger who entered the Six Sentence Café, had to concede that Annfred’s unusual demand required the attention of Ford the Supplier, and she directed the Crone over to Ford who was busy onstage tuning the café drumkit.

Ford, perhaps sensing Annfred’s powers of light as much as the Crone could sense his, told her he could get her exactly what she needed; that the special brew in question lay sealed in a glass jar deep inside a secret room in the cellar of the café, and that Nick the Gatekeeper would be required to open a magical door to retrieve it.

Down in the cellar, Ford led the Crone to the secret room, while Nick made incantations at the magical door with words spoken in a language no one had ever heard before; his hands weaving spells which drew spirals upon the panels of the door, the spirals transforming then into keys which turned like cogs and made supernatural sounds which reported and rang in the acoustics of the cellar, as the door finally swung open, and Ford hurried into the darkness to retrieve what Annfred the Crone desired.

Two minutes later, back at the bar, Annfred the Crone was delighted with her potion, and she asked Denise what sum of payment was necessary in exchange for the contents of the glass jar; to which Denise, perhaps sensing Annfred’s powers of light as much as the crone could sense hers, replied: “You owe us nothing, dear Crone… this one’s on the house.”

When the Crone Came Knocking written by Ford 21 April 2022

Annfred the Crone artwork by Ford, 21 April 2022

Editor’s note: I love trees, so when I saw that this week’s prompt word was ‘tree’ I busily began formulating a deep and meaningful poem along with plans to illustrate it with photographs of the trees and plants where I live. Alas, the miserable weather here stomped its feet all over my photo ideas, so I abandoned the piece. Ne’er mind… instead I’ve written a deep and meaningful story about the ‘magic’ that sometimes occurs inside the wonderful premises that is the Six Sentence Café & Bistro! I’ve illustrated the tale with a drawing and made some digital variations.

Come on down to the café, folks… first drinks are on me!

Below: random drummer pics… these go out to Denise following a recent chat about drummers and drumming! First pic is me at rehearsals when I lived in the UK. The hat looked cool but never stayed on for long as it was too hot while drumming. I think the studio kit was a Pearl Export (I owned two at various times, along with two vintage Premiers, a Yamaha, and my absolute fave a Tama Swingstar – that was a beauty to play!). Still have all my Zildjian cymbals 😊

Underneath the chair to my right is a beer 🍺 and Psst… got a light? 😁

The second pic is a still from a promo video shot in London. That was a fun day! The kit is a Mapex loaned out to the studio, and I can’t even remember what the cymbals were. Anyway, I guess I did ‘dress up’ once or twice for the drums 😁



  1. Anyone who’s just travelled two and a half thousand years into the future, will get whatever they want on the house, lol
    I very much want to know about this special bat…
    Your repetition of the sensing of powers of light between Annfred and the respective Proprietors is very effective.

    Never a dull moment at the Six Sentence Café & Bistro.

    Aww – there’s V, young drummer boy.😎 *Hang on…got a lighter here somewhere…*
    Excellent pic of you doing your “man-boy madman” thing. Like the tie. You sure you weren’t wearing Ferragamo oxfords? 😉

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    • Yay! Glad you approve of the house hospitality regarding time travellers, D 😎

      The special bat is a ‘very’ special bat indeed, and I’m kind of doing a forward-thinking Easter egg thing for the future in the present. Lol, confused? Me too. Just send me some good vibes next time you see a bat!

      Poor old young drummer boy old man kid nutter whatever Ford looking for a light! Those pics were a blast to unearth. Currently kit-less but I know I’ll get another one soon. Good job I keep the cymbals and hardware!

      Ferragamo Oxfords, D? I swear I was wearing Converse with that suit and tie 🤩

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  2. Hi there Ford, great story writing as ever. It’s always helpful to have a “magic man” in charge of your cellar.
    I love the “Old Grey Whistle Test” pictures…I can’t remember many drummers dressing up for a performance (well not the drummers I know to talk to). And I could be wrong but that ride cymbal looks like a Zildjian brand one also.
    Me, I had the luck of getting to use a nice Ludwig kit at the music workshops where I taught local kids music tech. Anyhoo thanks as always….

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      • I have been quite lucky in my musical career to play quite a few sought after instruments. The Ludwig kit, a Moog synth or two, even the famous Roland W-30 Sampling Synthesizer made famous by MC Hammer and The Prodigy (Liam Howlet used 4 of them on stage).
        I even had the chance to play the pipe organ in my local town hall – this pipe organ used to be located in the church where my father worked as a caretaker and I got to sit and listen to the instrument during choral practise sessions. I got to know the organist and played the organ in the church. Then many years later the organ was relocated to the town hall when the church was demolished after fire damage. I played a gig in the town hall and as luck would have it, the son of the organist was an employee in the council and was at the gig. Anyway we got to chat and he recognised me and asked if I wanted to play the organ again, of course I said yes. He set it up and I got to use it in my performance that night to play Tocatta as the start of the show!

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        • Cool FT. The pipe organ is such a beautiful instrument to hear and rather magnificent to behold! So lucky you got to play one! And you got to play a Roland W-30 too! I love the synth sounds that The Prodigy came up with back then. What a band!

          I too have played on a Moog a number of times in experimental music bands – a fascinating instrument for sure! I played guitar a little bit (experimentally) and have had the pleasure of playing two vintage Fender Stratocasters. Would love to have a go on a Rickenbacker bass one day, as used by the likes of Lemmy, Cliff Burton and Paul Simonen among others. A beast of a bass and so good-looking!

          We need to hook up one day for a jam 😎


          • Having a jam would be fantastic….I’m a bit rusty though, haven’t played in a while. Mind you I think you might hate me when you hear that the gentleman who ran the Music Workshop was the owner of the W-30 and a collection of guitars including a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul (can’t remember if it was a 59 or 60 Standard but it was worth £900 in 1992). Scariest day of my life when I got to strum that one.
            Now I’m reduced to using a basic Roland MIDI Controller keyboard with my laptop and a DAW/Soft Synth setup. I do have a Yamaha DX-100 synth (the Keytar version of the big famous DX-7 you always saw on Top of the Pops and used by most of the pop world) but it needs repairing.

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  3. one of the things I love about these Sixes (in general) and SSC&B stories (in particular) is that it’s like that old meme of throwing a ping pong ball into a room full of mousetraps…
    the fun is the ensuing semi-chaos,
    My first (slow motion trap flying through the air)? a partial song lyric

    Howard said there’s only one place I know
    Sam said tell me quick man I got to run

    hell, don’t ask me…
    also: the imagery/visuals of Nick’s spell-casting (all Dr. Strange semi-solid glowy-lines-in-the-air)

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  4. Love the story, Ford. And the reminder that powers of light are for all the ages. I’m a bit of a musical black hole for all sorts of reasons (smiles enigmatically 😉 ) and so the exchange with For Tyeth was like being in a magic shop – full of mysterious names! Not in the least surprised that you, the Supplier, had what Annfred needed – not after the way Nick opened the door – spectacular description.
    A friend of mine celebrated her birthday by having a gathering of crones! All the women who’d influenced her life journey. Now that was an evening!

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    • Hiya Jenne! So glad you enjoyed the story and its powers of light! That’s so cool your friend celebrated her birthday with a gathering of Crones! Annfred would approve for sure! 😊


  5. Well my dear Mage…magic is in the air…bravo!
    The art is perfect as it is; I agree with Tom.
    And the photos…man…glad you unearthed them…keep digging!

    A little bird told me that we three
    welcomed a crone that spoke to thee
    A special brew Annfred desired
    millennia crossed, our help she inquired
    Perhaps sensing her powers of light
    no fear or doubt clouded our sight
    Indeed, the words were turned into spirals
    to cogs and keys of magical portals
    Annfred did sense our powers of light
    we are no fools that only flee or fight.

    *rhyme epidemic lol*

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