The Fairy of the Lost Jewelry

Written for the Six Sentence Story challenge hosted by Girlie on the Edge. This is a tale of a rebellious little fairy who’s too cool for school. Words and art by Ford Waight.

The Fairy of the Lost Jewelry

“Little one (said the professor), your life is a mess, you have scant respect and nay prospect, when all ye do is flit about gathering jewels in your jewel-catching net!”

“What care have I (she said) of your orderly old rules, your customs and functions and moldy fey school?”

“What care have I (she said) for joining my little sisters and brothers in flight, to conjure magik and sprinkle fairy-dust o’er the Walkaloid* plight?”

“Let the Walkaloids rot (she said)… let them stew in their self-inflicted misery and lot, and leave me be to gather their jewels and trinkety-whatnot!”

“Why, (the professor said), ye be nought but a thief and rapscallion; for some o’ those Walkaloids try their best to be kind to Nature and respect the laws of old, and what use have ye of their silver and gold?”

No care did she have, aye – it was plain to see, as she danced before her professors in the school assembly, and she sang to them (so she sang, so she sang): “My life is no mess, for I wear my red dress, and I shake my wings at rings and bling and all things that glimmer and shimmer and shine… why, listen to me… if I had the damn mind… I would pluck the moon and stars right from under the sky!”

*Walkaloid – fairy language for a human.



  1. Hi Mage, fantastical Fae(?) fable! Do you however, do Haiku verses as this Six Sentence Story definitely had a rhythm to it as Nicole and Ladysighs mention. Thanks for sharing (even if the little One doesn’t😁)

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    • Hi FT. Glad you enjoyed. No, I’ve tried writing Haiku before but find the form too limiting, and it all ends up a bit like a shopping list – which says more about the limits of my skills as a writer than it does about the tradition of Haiku.


  2. Phenomenal Six sentences sprinkled with stardust!
    You’re running on full creative steam, Ford…and I’m happy to see that.

    (Psst, don’t forget to link, eh?πŸ˜‰)

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    • Thanks Nick! Good to be back writing again πŸ˜€ The artwork is part of a collage/acrylic paint series I made some years back. A good fit for the prompt luckily!

      Yikes – completely forgot to link my Six to InLinkz!! Done now. Thanks for the headsup, I’m such a klutz at times πŸ™ƒπŸ€ͺπŸ˜΅πŸ˜€

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  3. funny thing about (some) Sixes, how they can trigger a common response among Readers.

    I had ‘Kid Charlamagne’ on as I read it the first time. If you know the song the lyrics are very much telling a quite involved story. And, our challenge here to overcome the limitations of our form, just made a connection in my mind between Six and song.

    Then I read the others and heard the same sense of music in the wordage.

    plus I liked the parenthetical dialogue tags… besides being economical, they, somehow add to the ‘voice’ of the tale.

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    • Thanks Clark. So glad you liked the parenthetical dialogue tags I added. They worked a treat as an extra ‘voice’ as you say.

      Indeed, if the entire piece was a musical jam, those parts might well be a sax sprinkled across the piano or guitar parts of the dialogue…


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