Welcome, atomic mates, to The Atomic Mage – my blog focussing on poetry, fiction, art, books and more! 

What do I write? I write poetry, novels, short stories, micro fiction and articles on pop culture.

What do I write about? I write about heroes and villains, the underdog, tragedy, ghosts, the unexplained, angels and fairies, crooked politicians, and brothers and sisters working it out.

Why do I write? Because I listen and observe, because I am a dreamer, because I am passionate, because I have thousands of voices beseeching me to give them page-time, because I am romantic, because adventure and the unknown seize me by the lapels and scream in my face, because I would go mad if I didn’t write.

Have you been published? Yes. But always remember to write for yourself first – if someone else loves it enough to print it then good for you; a writer must always emerge from their own dreams of the heart and mind before anything else.

Do you do other stuff? Mixed media art, drums and percussion, music and video editing, health care worker, 20th century print advert archiver, former Guinness World Record holder, former French Polisher, toy collector, vinyl records fan, UFO spotter, cyclist, observer…

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Peace always,

Ford, The Atomic Mage