I. They. Evolve.

I. They. Evolve. is a science-fiction / horror dystopia set in a future zombie holocaust. AI humanoids which once served as the workforce for wealthy humans have been re-programmed and equipped to go out into the world to destroy the Infected. The story concentrates on Thomas, an English butler in his original programming, who faced now with unprecedented and deadly attacks from a new wave of the Infected, considers the path of not only his own evolution but that of the enemy he is programmed to kill.

Revision: Nov 20, 2021. The author has changed throughout the narration the military title of the character “Marshal Cinq-cent” to “Colonel Cinq-cent”. This decison was made after considering that the name “maréchal de France” might cause hurt to some people in relation to the title’s useage by the WWII Maréchal Pétain of France who was tried for treason. Any references to “Marshal” Cinq-cent have been left in the comments section as they originally appeared, but with a note from the author.


Episode #1 Black Swan Event.

Episode #2 Knock, knock…

Episode #3 Generals gathered in their masses.

Episode #4 Pardon my French.

Episode #5 Breaking the Laws.

Episode #6 Under the Scalpel.

Episode #7 One Hot Minute.

Episode #8 Blood & Dubious Circuits.

Episode #9 Marie-Louise Martel.

Episode #10 The Psychedelic Colours Episode.

Episode #11 Mrs Wilson’s Object.


Deconstructing the title card

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